About ACD

Alvin Cloyd Hubahib Dakis
Nurse| Reformist | Leader | Advocate | Artist

Nurse Alvin has been actively involved in different advocacies and was exposed early in the arena of defending human rights during his high school years. In his nine (9) years of advocating rights, Nurse Alvin is considered as one of the most influential young leaders of his time in the Philippines. And from his 9 years as advocate leader, he has found focus & interest on the following advocacy: young people’s sexuality & reproductive health, HIV & AIDS, Deaf rights, LGBT rights, secularism and youth development and protection of nurses’ rights & welfare. At the age of 26, he has fully embraced the call of leadership and service to the profession.

He was a former Clinical Instructor in Cebu Normal University – the first from their pioneering batch in college to have ever been accepted and taught at a Center for Nursing Excellence institution & State University. While teaching in a state university, he led the growth of the student publication & the student government being its adviser. He also led the creation of programs for HIV awareness education to students. In the side line, Nurse Alvin teaches elementary & high school students lessons on voice and theater arts, sings & hosts professionally, appears at local TV shows and popularizes the use of Filipino Sign Language to a lot of young people.

In Manila of 2010, Nurse Alvin focused his attention to the controversial Reproductive Health Bill and joined the renowned leaders of the advocacy as the only nurse to have been openly & vocally supporting the measure. He became the youngest member of the Expert Panel of both the Senate & House Committees that reviewed and finalized the bill before it was presented to the plenary. He also became one of the faces of the young people that advocated HIV prevention in country and mobilized nurses to respond to the national RH and HIV campaigns.

Nurse Alvin is also a social media activist, having to use the power of social media to advance his causes on RH, HIV, deaf rights, LGBT rights, nurses’ rights and youth empowerment. He used to co-anchor radio shows that helped young women & girls in their concerns on their reproductive & sexual health by providing comprehensive sexuality education. He also talks about different health & social issues in his podcast, blog and FB fanpage.

He has been active in the participation of young people in governance having to ensure that young people are consulted in all government programs.

Because of this he was conferred as the youngest Fellow of the Asia Society 2011 and interacted & dialogued with around 200 young leaders from different Asia-Pacific countries. He was also named as one of the 100 young leaders of knowledge & development in 2010 by the World Bank KDC & the Ateneo School of Government.

He now heads the Health Committee of the National Anti-Poverty Commission Youth & Students Sector of the Philippine Republic appointed by the President of the Philippines.